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Dec. 28th, 2008

Ariel Green

Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas!

I had a great few days surrounding the actual day of Christmas, which I worked. I was off the 24th, 26th, and the weekend. I have to go back to work tomorrow. I feel like such a bad, mean nurse lately.. the patients on our floor are just too difficult right now.

Meh, I'll update this sometime when my head's less jumbled up. Good night!

Dec. 17th, 2008

dr cox

Impatient with patients

This is sad, but I have learned that as a floor nurse working on an adult unit, I have to start my day being indifferent but professional to every patient. Once I've set the precedent that I am not to be walked all over and am not their maid, I can determine who I can make smalltalk with or be nice to. If I made smalltalk as soon as I went in every morning to each of my patients I would never get my work done because I've just given them the impression that I have plenty of time to chit-chat. I also make it clear that I am their nurse and what I do, and that they have a nurses' aide. Since I look young, they often assume that I am their nurses' aide, waitress, personal servant, etc..

I have also learned that men are the biggest babies. I had this guy who was sort of wacky and extremely anxious today and I couldn't find anything on the chart about a history of alcohol abuse (that he's told us of) so I have to just assume he's naturally wacked. He moaned and groaned about EVERYTHING and was making everyone do everything for him even though he was able to do most things for himself. "Oh, can you hand me that blanket?" (Which was literally an arm's length away.) "Can you plug this in for me?" "Can you refill my cup of water?" This sounds like I'm just mean, but the man drinks a lot of water, and also walks the hallways frequently. He started complaining about the night nurse at one point, saying she was awful and didn't care about him. I finally was so ticked I said, "Oh, really? That doesn't sound like her at all, she's an excellent nurse. I look up to her. She must have had a very busy night and had to prioritize certain things over others. Since you're able to get around so well she probably assumed you could get your own water and plug your own IV pump back in and didn't answer your call bell as quickly because she had more pressing priority things to attend to. We encourage self-sufficiency on this floor. It contributes to your recovery." He was fine the rest of the day.

But really, I have yet to have a woman patient who moans and groans and needs as much attention as a man. No wonder we bear the children.

Dec. 16th, 2008

Ariel Green

(no subject)

This snow is ridiculous. I would only like it if I was a teacher.. but I'm not, and I can't call out from the hospital because I don't want to drive through a little snow. That person from night shift would have to stay there and would hate me for it (since if they leave, it would be job abandonment). I also have to work Christmas this year, which sucks. Two years ago when I was brandy new on the job I went to work with such high spirits because I was going to wear my Santa hat and.. I don't know what I had in mind, but I envisioned myself being all Mary Poppinsy, dancing through the halls and being cheerful. In reality, all my patients were Scrooges and ruined my Christmas. So, needless to say, I'm not really looking forward to working the holiday (even though I'll get time and a half).

Dec. 12th, 2008


The past

I don't read my older entries in Live Journal all that often, but I looked through them tonight.. I didn't get back before the beginning of 2006. They really made me realize that 1.) I used to be fairly good at expressing myself in words, and 2.) I was quite frequently full of crap. My twisted ideas of what love was before I met Scott make me want to go back in time and flick myself in the forehead repeatedly (Friends-style). All that time I spent miserable over people that I convinced myself were meant for me could have been spent doing something better. Life lesson here: wallowing is never a good thing, and is certainly never productive in any way, shape or form.

Today I was late for the office Christmas party because I couldn't sleep because of my lingering scratchy throat and had finally taken NyQuil at 2 am. Well, it did the trick because I sat straight up in bed upon waking up, stretched, and thought about how fantastic I felt. Then I glanced at my clock and did a double-take. It was 10:20 am and I was supposed to meet Scott at 11 at Picatinny for the Christmas party. I was really discouraged with this and rushed like crazy to get ready and get there. We made it to the party on time and didn't get sucky seats, either. I am just frustrated with myself.. Scott has a thing with lateness, which is one of my finest attributes. I don't think I realized before him that I'm apparently late to most things, an average of 20 minutes. He's actually resorted to lying to me on occasion to make sure I'm there way early. I've been trying to be better about this lately because I do realize that lateness is rudeness, but the powers at be are all rooting for me to fail for some reason unbeknownst to me.

Looking back at those entries really showed me that apart from the late issue, I am way more together than I was in college. College is just such a bad thing.. it makes being an idiot easy, and doesn't really offer many opportunities for "growing up". I don't think that the average college student (myself included) really "gets" the real world until they've graduated. The work environment, relating with/to coworkers, dealing with customers (or patients), etc. are all things that are somehow not regarded as important in our education. The mundane reality of personal life can be a shock, too - managing finances, paying bills, keeping your own place, etc.. I felt like I grew up significantly within a year of leaving college. I stopped caring whether or not people thought I was smart or attractive and started worrying about whether or not I was becoming a good nurse. I learned what real love was, but only out of luck - I still don't believe anyone can know whether they're really in love until it actually happens to them personally (and some people never get to experience that at all, unfortunately). I have just learned so much and I feel so grateful for my life now. When I get upset about my difficult job, I just have to remind myself to look at the big picture.

And that's about it for tonight. I was really just on here writing because I can't sleep from having slept in so late this morning - hopefully I'll actually remember the alarm going off tomorrow morning!

Dec. 10th, 2008

Ariel Green


I feel so lucky to have found a guy who has no interest in watching sports. It's like gold.

(Then again, he probably feels lucky to have found a girl who isn't raving about Twilight, which I just don't get the craze about.)

Dec. 6th, 2008


(no subject)

I feel like I never have any down time. I desperately need it.

Dec. 4th, 2008

Ariel Green

(no subject)

I'm on the second of four days off.. it's pretty nice, having some time to actually do stuff.. next week is going to be packed - I'm doing something pretty much every single day. I haven't even gotten to start Christmas cards yet, so maybe I'll get to work on them at some point today. If I send out a Christmas card, I like it to at least be personalized for every person a bit, but that takes time.. I also have to try to get addresses out of my mom for the Save the Dates.. Those need to go out this month!

Thanksgiving went well.. I went to Scott's house, and we had over my parents and Diane and Joe. I was so nervous that I was going to screw up the turkey, so I made my mother help me over the phone to go step by step with what I should do. The turkey came out really well, and was just the right amount. It was fun having people over to "our house".. all of that feels more real now - I can't believe we'll be married in a year.

Nov. 15th, 2008

Ariel Green

Wedding Planning...


Photographer - check.
DJ - check.
Dress - check.
Bridesmaids' dresses - check (at least decided on color and style, they haven't ordered them yet).
Church - check.
Reception site - check.
Save the Date cards - ordered, but not sending them out until the 6 month mark anyway..

I'm still in need of officially booking a florist, but I'm leaving this to one of the women I work with, who used to work in the business and asked to help me out. I'm so excited that things are finally coming together. It was getting a little frustrating and nerve-wracking for awhile there.

Also, I got to meet Bill O'Reilly at his book signing in Ridgewood, NJ yesterday. It was surreal.

Aug. 24th, 2008

Ariel Green

(no subject)

I finally got an air purifier for the cockatiels. The smell of bird and the dust was getting to me. I looooove it.

We went to a wedding yesterday, which was lovely, but is also good research. I am taking massive mental notes. We set a date for June 6th and booked the church and reception hall. I'm so excited... it's surreal. :)

Aug. 6th, 2008

Ariel Green

(no subject)

Gah, I've been so busy.

First of all, I got to see Jen yesterday afternoon. She's been in Virginia for Grad School and I feel like it's been a year since we've seen each other.. I can't believe it's only been 2 and a half months. Anyway. It was very nice spending time with her and talking and acting goofy (sometimes I feel like Jen's the only person I can act ridiculous around and she won't think any differently about me). I've really missed her so much.

I also worked for 3 days straight... I haven't done that in awhile. The last few times I've been scheduled for 3 in a row I got cancelled one of the days. Work's been keeping me busy because I'm doing Professional Advancement Clinical Tracks (PACT) which is a bunch of bullshit just like college was with reports and papers and presentations. I get paid 2,000 for doing it, though. The whole binder is due at the end of August, so I'm rushing to get it done.

Busy busy busy busy busy...

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Ariel Green

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